11 Apr 2023

FHKI and HKSTP Co-organise “Innopreneur Experience Journey Cohort 2” Job Shadowing Programme Bringing in new blood to local I&T and industrial sectors

Federation of Hong Kong Industries (“FHKI”) and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (“HKSTP”) co-organise “Innopreneur Experience Journey Cohort 2”, bringing around 40 local secondary school students to join a unique and unforgettable internship journey, immersing themselves in an atmosphere fueled with technology, creativity, and new industry.

Key Takeaways

  • FHKI and HKSTP provide local secondary school students with an immersive journey fueled with technology, creativity, and new industry.  
  • Over the four days, students will intern at FHKI member companies and HKSTP partner companies, gaining hands-on experience in the working environment of the industrial and I&T sectors.
  • Eighteen FHKI and HKSTP partner companies have provided students with "executive shadowing" experiences, workplace visits, hands-on work opportunities, and serving as student mentors.