Sensor Packaging and Integration Lab

The Sensor Packaging and Integration Laboratory (Sensor Lab) is a dedicated hardware hub supporting full research and development processes of micro/nano sensors and associated devices, including sensor chip/devices fabrication and pilot runs, packaging, and testing.

Two locations equipped with Class 100/1000/10000 cleanroom space are offered to users for conducting research and product development. Apart from fully furnished cleanroom facilities, HKSTP and our partners also provide common wafer processing tools (including deposition, patterning, etching, packaging and characterisation), technical support and consultation services.

We also welcome R&D partners to formulate government-funded technology projects that would utilize the laboratory service as part of the pilot production.

Paper for Micro/ Nano sensors for healthcare and smart city

This paper provides a quick overview of sensor development at Science Park, followed by snapshots of the observations and insights of the speakers in 1st International Symposium on Micro/Nano Sensors for Healthcare and Smart City at December 10, 2018. 

Micro/Nano Sensors for Healthcare and Smart City (2018)

Shared Lab Facilities Highlights

Wafer-level Process

Pre/Wet Processes

Wet Bench

  • Photoresist & chemical stripper tank 
  • KOH, RCA tank
  • HF related solution or buffer tank
  • Spin Dryer
  • Heater


XeF2 Silicon Etcher (memsstar Alpha)

XeF2 Silicon Etcher (memsstar Alpha)

  • Wafer size: 6” single wafer or specimens
  • Gases available: XeF2, N2
  • Materials: Silicon


Wafer Bonder (AML-AWB008)

  • Wafer size: 6”
  • Substrate materials: Silicon
  • Pressure: 1x10-6 mbar to 2 bar
  • Temperature: up to 560oC

Die/Chip-level process

Die/Chip Preparation

Wafer Dicing System (ADT7100)

  • Wafer size: 8”
  • Single spindle: 2”
  • Covered materials: IC wafers, Glass, MEMS Chips

Die/Chip Packaging

Die Bonder (Datacon 2200 evo)

  • X/Y placement accuracy X / Y: + 10um @ 3 Sigma
  • Die size: 0.17mm - 50mm (epoxy) & 0.8mm - 50mm (FlipChip)
  • Epoxy thickness: setting range 0.1mm - 5mm

Die/Chip Packaging

Wire Bonder (ASM Eagle Xpress)

  • Thermosonic bonding
  • Wire size: 0.6mil ~ 2.0mils
  • Max wire length: 8mm

Testing & Characterisation

Microscope (Nikon optiphot 200)

  • Stage : 8” mechanical stage
  • Eyepieces : 10x
  • Objective lenses: Nikon CF Plan 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x

White Light 3D Profiler

  • Range (XYZ) : > 100µm
  • Resolution (XYZ) : ~0.2µm
  • Scan Rate (3D) : less than 1 sec.


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  • Sensor Lab Visit
  • Operation Training
  • Charging Scheme

Ms. Candy Cheng

Tel: +852 2629 6981


Mr. Adam Wu

Tel: +852 2628 6732



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