Succeeding Big Time In Micro-E: Career Advice to Enter the Industry

Powering our great future, Micro-E is the chip that’s bringing together all tech, with a market demand that’s opening massive opportunities, not to mention competitive salaries! And as HK nurtures its growth with world-class R&D, talent, and infrastructure, now’s the perfect time to jump into the Micro-E-volution!

Join the Park innovators who’ve gone from research to innofacturing to commercialisation.

HK’s Micro-E industry rides the wave of opportunity

Guest of this story:
Dr. Ngai Wong, Associate Professor of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Hong Kong
Kolton, Engineering student, The University of Hong Kong

Micro-E industry chain unites technologies for unparalleled growth

Guest of this story:
Dr. Kelvin PUN, Compass Technology Limited
Lexi, Project Engineer, Compass Technology Limited
Jason, R&D Manager, Compass Technology Limited

HK’s homegrowth chip design software drives a self-sustaining supply chain

Guest of this story:
TK Lam, Co-founder & VP of System Structure, Easy-Logic

Engineering students rock the job market to unleash their potential

Guest of this story:
Prof. C. Y. Tsui, Head and Professor of Division of Integrative Systems and Design, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
WANG Xiaomeng, PhD student, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Micro-E companies experience meteoric rise in market value

Guest of this story:
Dr. Meikei IEONG, Co-founder & Chairman, Simbury Limited
Li Yun, Engineer, Simbury Limited

No Career roadblocks for engineering graduates in the global chip talent shortage

Guest of this story:
Gary Hau, Head of R&D, Allystar
Ralph Cheng, System Engineer, Allystar

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