Hilton Law

CEO, Integrated Solutions Limited

Hilton Law is the major shareholder and CEO of Integrated Solutions Limited. A self-taught programmer with over 32 years of experience in business software development, Hilton Law is also the innovator behind ReportNOW, a digital transformation application platform that helps organisations of all kinds to rapidly streamline their business operation. It was in 2004 when he entered the Enterprise Mobility market. Inspired by handheld computers, ReportNOW integrates with both software and hardware features including AI, AR and IoT. It is now adopted by many enterprises from various industries. Hilton began his I&T career at Golden Computer Centre in 1990. Today, his company, Integrated Solutions Limited, has built up a reputation for quality workmanship, developing enterprise software solutions that meet the needs of Hong Kong and China.

“Believe in your innovation even when others don’t.”