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YSL & C Limited

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Mr. Eddie Yu

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ÖKOSIX uses ingredients FROM NATURE to make the world’s first plastic-free, medical-grade filtration materials, which can fully biodegrade within 6 months and return TO NATURE, without creating microplastics. Manufacturing is scalable and the materials can be used to make medical face masks, air filters and diapers etc. Our technology won the Gold Medal at International Exhibitions of Inventions Geneva 2022 and will be applying for patents.

ÖKOSIX’s vision is to accelerate the advent of sustainable materials to replace plastics in disposable products and build a circular economy of disposables. Our products and collaborations have already gained significant traction in the market.

Biodegradable materials are not stable under high shear force and thermal stress during the traditional high-melt-flow-rate meltblown process in the production of filtration materials, hence deteriorating easily. ÖKOSIX’s pioneeering technology uses 100% plant-based and natural materials to manufacture innovative nanofiber degradable filtration materials (NADEX) with readily available equipment (electrospinning machine), which makes mass production easy and affordable.

Our proprietary and patentable technology, which can be applied to producing fully biodegradable surgical face masks, air filters and diapers, could effectively reduce plastic pollution. NADEX can be adjusted to achieve high medical requirements with strict morphology control in fiber diameter and distribution. Our technology was recognized through the Gold Award at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2022, which values innovation, ability to solve a global issue and successful commercialization.