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Wetaxi Technology Company Limited

+852 93488933
Mr. Michael Wai

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Wetaxi Technology Company Limited is an innovative technology company. Our team is full of enthusiasm, ideals and belief. We provide customers with a wide range of professional I.T. design solutions and support services, network engineering and e-commerce services. With our technology & mission, we are driving innovation to change the future and make life more exciting.

WETAXI will disrupt the current operation of taxi industry over decades. WETAXI provides On-demand taxi services for smart mobile platform (iOS and Android supported). Our first roll-out service for e-payment will support both Octopus and O!ePay. Passengers will experience convenient & reliable quality taxi service in Hong Kong.
In the WETAXI App Driver Version, premium services i.e. speed detection prompts, emergency traffic reports, are supported . Our users (taxi drivers) can improve the awareness of safe driving, reduce the incidence of traffic accidents and road congestion, and improve the customer satisfaction of the passengers who will enjoy safe & pleasant journey to the destination.
WETAXI App has a driving rating system and tips system. Based on the driving attitude, cleanliness, personal courtesy and quality of service, passengers can tip the taxi drivers as an incentive to acknowledge the quality service which will lead to a higher industry standard.