Company Details

Uncle2 Fintech Limited

Unit 710, 7/F, Building 19W No. 19 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
+852 66066851
Mr. Wai Keung WONG

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UNCLE2 FINTECH is Hong Kong’s first cloud-based pawn marketplace. Our mission is to reimagine the pawnshop funding process to accelerate the deployment of pawn assets locally and globally. We extend the pawnshop’s heritage by mobilizing quick finance & digital technology using A.I. and blockchain technology. We aim to stimulate alternative method for quick finance with collateral and promote the century-old pawning concept. We hope to educate and encourage youngsters to exchange their assets for short-term liquidity instead of future money.

Our vision is to make every luxury asset liquidable & investable and our mission is to digitalize the pawnshop funding process, help discover undervalued assets and increase the pawnshops’ liquidity.

1.AI Pawn Estimator™ - to Access the Latest Market Prices

Pawnbrokers estimate the assets by experience without referencing the latest secondary market prices or future price trend. By using our AutoML Vision and machine learning model, UNLE2 quickly recognise the object with brands, optimised loan-to-value(LTV) ratio and price references from different sources. Users could quickly get preliminary loan amount as a result.

2. QR Pre Ticket - to Keep Track and safeguard the pawning process

Once pawn request is matched, a new QR Code is auto-generated to show both identities and order details including loan principal, tenor and its relative accrued interest. Customers can check the status of the pawn goods anytime anywhere, especially the redemption deadline.

3. Asset Tokenization

UNCLE2 utilizes asset tokenization to convert pawn assets into digital assets on blockchain which enables fractional ownership of assets. By using blockchain, digital ledger technology and specific digital token will be issued under different digital asset with lower & faster transaction fee.