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Tech Hill Limited

Unit 321A, 3/F., Core Building 2, No. 1 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 96337378
Mr. Wai Pong Mok

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TECH HILL LIMITED is a HK-based startup design company providing a combination of unique product concept, application technologies and solutions of next generation human compute-intensive, robotics, artificial intelligence machine learning, and video & image processing. We have an excellent R&D team with each key member has over 15 years of experience in their specialized segments consist of big data analysis, huge computational technology, ultra HD video & image technology algorithm, Embedded Artificial Intelligent, complexity SoC & FPGA design, embedded software & hardware design, and rototype design. They have abundant R&D and design experience in research institute and private sectors. TECH HILL is all about amazing product solutions. We focus on providing a unique, reliable, presentable & innovative state-of-the-art machine, ultra-low latency infrastructure and next generation of human compute-intensive solution.

We will develop and design a next generation artificial intelligent machine learning + rapidly computational + real force feedback robotics system to replace a traditional controller in virtual reality, augmented reality, and real environment. We plan to develop "Intelligence Gloves" (IG) interfacing virtual world by capture user's hand motion and enable user physically to touch virtual objects with precise haptic (shape, hardness, and temperature) sensation. IG enables immersive interaction with virtual world, and explores new possibilities and applications. Moreover, IG can enable to direct GPU processing to rapid computation and real-time 3D motion in VR/AR world. Product concepts and features • Perform a "real" feeling and augmented reality environment in the world of VR / AR / MR with precise haptic (shape, hardness, weight and temperature) sensation. • User will feel holds a "virtual object", force feedback, force holding torque and reaction force. • Apply an airflow energy driving device & system to perform object force feedback,
force holding torque and reaction force. • Thought the finger and arm motion tracking system to measure your arms, wrist and inverse kinematics in virtual world. • Each glove contains a motion sensor to measure the orientation of your hand and finest motion. • Completely wireless technology.