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t.Axiom Solutions Limited

+852 9874 5872
Mr. Leung Sai Ho

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The Company t.Axiom Solutions Ltd has dedicated and developed a proprietary platform (called “Zircom Quantum System or ZQS”) for quantitative investment and trading execution, and will provide a total solution service to B2B/B2C/C2C to implement their quantitative strategies particularly in China as well as world major markets.

Our aim is to provide the strongest, easiest, fastest, and safest in quantitative trading with the facilitation of the ZQS products and services.

Zircom Quantum System ( ZQS )
It's major functions and applications mainly rely in:
1. Transform advanced mathematic models and mature investment management.
2. Integrate end-to-end platform.
3. Expandable and programmable quantitative investment strategy library.
4. Dynamic real time strategy adjustment structure.
5. Powerful finance big data platform.
6. B2B/B2C/C2C quantitative strategy products.
It resolves investor’s most challenging difficulty in the practice of quantitative investment:
 Real-time automatic market screening and data analyzing.
 Real-time automatic quantitative risk control.
 The powerful quantitative analysis platform assists the trader to flexibly realize the strategy.