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Tarvel Technology Limited

+852 51870980
Mr. Robin Cheung

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Tarvel Technology was founded by 2 technology enthusiast that love to explore interesting technology application. Robin, our CEO who turned himself into a mobile application developer after he graduated with a bachelor degree. He work as an Android developer in Tarvel. He co-founded the company with Vincent, our CTO, who has been obsessed with programming and technology. Tarvel Technology focuses on developing and growing our flagship mobile application, an anonymous social mobile application. The Application launched in early 2018 in HK, and now have regular users in multiple countries. In average, our users can connect with others within a minute.

Our application is built on user instant messaging technology. The uniqueness of the application is its innovation on the user experience, we have designed a count down of 15 seconds to increase the urgency of a connection invitation.Each user could present its own way by just writing a line of text as a status, which can be changed anytime. User can invite others or be invited solely base on the status at the current time. In average, user can be connected within a minute. Meanwhile, the company is applying AI and deep learning to analyze the billions of messages on the platform and will help in improving the matching efficiency.