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StickyCell Hong Kong Limited

Lab Bench 11a-c, Unit 708-716, 7/F, 17W & Cubicle 8 (S63, S65-S67), 6/F, Building 17W No. 17 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
Dr. Qiang Cheng

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StickyCell has developed and patented a pioneering blood testing system, ‘LAFA’ (leukocyte adhesive function assay), for analysing the human immune system and vulnerability to diseases.
Our immune system induces inflammation when circulating leukocytes are activated and become “stickier” on the blood vessel wall for translocation into surrounding tissues. The LAFA testing system assesses the leukocytes’ ability to cause inflammation, using microfluidic chips and microfluidic fluorescent image-capturing system to measure the leukocyte’s “stickiness” and the potential to cause inflammation, thus delivering unique scientific insights and machine-learning outcomes for early detection, prevention and personalised treatment of various human diseases.