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STANG Limited

+852 28329699
Mr. Sidney Tang

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STANG Ltd develops micro cooling and heating systems. Its patented invention: Thermal Thick Film Integrated Circuit (TTFIC) solves the shortcomings of traditional bulky and complicated cooling and heating devices.
TTFIC is ultra-portable with few moving parts: simple and reliable. While in action, the heat or cold are evenly distributed
rapidly. It is high performance, highly efficient, convenient and adaptable. Solving diverse
cooling needs.

Our patented Thermal Thick Film Integrated Circuit (TTFIC) is a revolution in thermoelectric semiconductors. These electric powered coolers turn cold instantly and creates a cooling effect for the user relative to external
temperature. We make one of the thinnest modules in the world.

Our first device is the "future ice pack" that can be cooled without refrigerants nor chemicals. The precise temperature
control is customized for biomedical and emergency applications, not limited to cold therapy, post exercise recovery, and
heatstroke prevention. Both hot and cold functions can be applied. The device can be programmed with hot and cold cycles.