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Sanuker Inc. Limited

Cynthia Ng

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We keep brands connected with customers on their preferred messaging channels via fun and effective solutions.

As the pace of technology development picks up, firms simply can no longer afford to be left behind. Dedicated to helping clients accelerate their digital transformation, Sanuker develops business messaging solutions featuring AI capabilities and omni-channel chatbots for enterprises in Asia and Europe. Recognised as a market leader due to our rapid development strategies across messaging platforms, we have been selected as a Messenger Developer Partner since 2017 and a Global WhatsApp Business Solution Provider since 2019. Beginning in 2021, we also entered into a partnership with HSBC Smart Solution to assist SMEs capture new market opportunities via the use of innovative chatbot solutions.

Sanuker offers entrepreses a range of business messaging solutions featuring conversational communications and chat automation. By setting up an automated chatbot to deliver 24/7 customer service, we accelerate customer response and reduce costs while increasing conversion rates. Our clients can also create custom integrations with their CRM integration hub to seamlessly integrate customers data generated across their digital ecosystem, including their website, social communication channels – such as Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat and others – and live chat solutions. Enabling the development of an omnichannel marketing solution that can track cross-channel customer behaviour, we help clients attract more customers and increase sales conversion via tools like Chatbot and improved customer services.


As soon as we joined HKSTP in 2018, we were captivated by its vibrant and innovative culture where it seems everything is possible. Over the years, the Park has provided a great platform via which to promote our automated corporate communication solutions, which have now been adopted by over 500+ corporates around the world. By fostering a supportive community where innovators like us can come together and exchange ideas, we can co-create a better future for all.