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Redisem Limited

Units 301-2, 3/F, IC Development Centre, No. 6 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong
+852 26074141

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RediSem is a fabless semiconductor company that was founded in 2009 on the HK Science Park to commercialize the Controlled Self Oscillating Converter (CSOC) topology. RediSem has shipped millions of CSOC controller ICs for AC/DC power supply and LED lighting applications where this differentiated technology gives unprecedented improvements in cost, performance and energy efficiency. RediSem is an ISO9000 qualified company and its Products meet stringent international quality standards.
The company has a growing international customer base of top tier power supply makers and lighting companies. RediSem is headquartered in Hong Kong and has sales representation in Asia, Europe and the USA.

RediSem develops and sells ICs for energy-efficient AC/DC power supply and LED lighting applications. RediSem's unique patented CSOC (Controlled Self Oscillating Converter) topology allows high levels of integration and control for single-stage LLC converters with low-cost robust bipolar transitors.

For LED driver applications RediSem offers controller ICs for single-stage LLC converters with integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC). This single-stage LED driver solution has no flicker issues unlike conventional single-stage solutions, significantly higher efficiency and smaller size. RediSem's controller ICs for LED drivers feature advanced Primary Side Regulation (PSR) control of LLC converters with bipolar transistors for powers from 1-200W.

For AC/DC power supply applications RediSem has a range of controller ICs that enable LLC converters at price/performance levels previously not possible. Key benefits for AC/DC power supply applications are: High efficiency, very low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and attractive cost/performance ratio. A range of IC products is available for applications like AC/DC adapters and embedded power supplies.

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