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Raysolve Technology Company Limited

+852 91263065
Dr. Eddie Chong

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Raysolve Technology is a semiconductor company focusing on the design, research and manufacturing of innovative micro-LED micro-display chips. As a fab-less company, we have our proprietary monolithic fabrication technology and know-how in our high brightness micro-LED micro-display with the high pixel density (pixel per inch) and fine pixel size. We are able to manufacture high quality micro-display chips in high-yield, through our dedicated wafer level processing technology.

Monolithic integration of micro-LED array on silicon-based display driver can form a high efficiency, high brightness and self-emissive micro-LED micro-display. Different from LCOS technology, micro-LED micro-display doesn’t require LED backlight and optical components between backlight and LCOS display panel, therefore the micro-LED micro-display light engine is more light and compact. Micro-LED pixels can be individually addressed, so light efficiency and optical contrast is much higher than that in LCOS. Micro-LED has wider operation temperature (from -100°C to 120°C), can endure higher injection current density, and can be operated in extreme environment, thus it is more superior than micro-OLED. Other specific advantages like ultra-fast response time, narrow light spectrum and low power consumption drive the adoption of the micro-LED technology in different applications.