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PuroChem Limited is a biotech startup, built on the patent protected technology platform, Dispersed Mobile-phase Countercurrent Chromatography (DMCC), developed at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). PuroChem, as a spin-off of PharmacoGenetics Limited, which is an innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company partly owned by HKUST R&D Co., is born as the champion, for original brand design and production of DMCC equipment, enabling highly scalable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly purification of therapeutics and nutraceuticals, increasingly needed for our aging society.

The Dispersed Mobile-phase Countercurrent Chromatography is a separation method based on liquid-liquid partition. The mobile phase is mechanically dispersed into droplets right after entering the columns, and the mobile-phase droplets travel through the columns filled with the stationary phase for efficient solute exchange. The Dispersed Mobile-phase Countercurrent Chromatography is not only a high-resolution purification platform but also a low-cost production platform removed the bottleneck of scalability.