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Power Way Hong Kong Development Limited

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Power Way HK Development Ltd is a product development company with a technical management service offering. Power Way works in the Health Monitoring, Pain Relief solution, Personal Security and Telecare for the elderly. We design and develop product solutions for use in our daily life. Our main product development program is the wearable technology platform monitoring vital body stats like heart rate, respiration etc in a garment that can be worn with comfort and style.

Three Product Lines: 1) High Vis Jacket, 2) Fitness Monitor Vest and 3) Battery Belt;

Product Key Features: Durable, Fashionable, Washable clothing that integrate with everyday technology for improvement of safety and fitness monitoring.
We offer optional 5W search LED light attachment
LED strip light RED and/or WHITE with 2 levels setting.

High power battery bank to give extended operation
Detachable rechargeable polymer battery
Protection against short circuits
Waterproof to IPx7 (1 meter for 30mins)