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Optitable Technology Limited

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Founded in 2014 in Hong Kong by Dr. Norman Lee – a pionneer in the hospitality IT industry – OptiTable Technology Limited is dedicated to developing best-in-class IT solutions for the hospitality industry. As former CEO and a founding member of Infrasys International Limited from 1994 to 2014, Dr. Lee was instrumental in deveoping the famed Infrasys POS - Gourmet® solution, which has been lauded and loved by the hospitality industry since its invention over 30 year ago. Keen to leverage their expertise, Dr. Lee and his team of experts launched OptiTable to broaden their portfolio of innovative and technology-driven solutions. So far the team has already won a reputation for stability, flexibility and professionalism in the hospitality industry.

State-of-the-art OptiTable (TOM Enterprise or JITHost online subscribed) is an integrated, web-enabled, cloud-based and scalable solution designed to predict industry trends from a standalone restaurant to a restaurant chain or hotel group. Using AI to boost table turnover and data analysis to drive marketing and promotions, OptiTable goes beyond traditional “table management systems” used in the indutry, making OptiTable TOS different from the market competitors. Equipped with a CRM featuring customer database stored and retrieved systematically during day-to-day operations, TOM Enterprise and JITHost offer a robust solution that works across customer relationship management, table management, social media promotion and real-time restaurant reporting.