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Novus Life Sciences Limited

Dr. Wilson Wong

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We offer animals and the mankind the best medical innovation in terms of quality, efficacy and safety.

Novus Life Sciences is a Hong Kong-based biotech company engaged in the development of biomaterials for veterinary and medical applications. Our innovative technologies are designed to simplify and shorten surgical procedures while improving patient outcomes.

Using advanced biomaterial technologies, Novus Life Sciences offers a wide range of innovative orthopedic solutions for specialties including small bone fixation, bone grafting and 3D printed surgical bone implant. Beyond stimulating rapid bone healing, our solutions dramatically improve stability and bone integration.

Using advanced biomaterial technologies, Novus Life Sciences seeks to develop innovative orthopedic solutions for veterinarians and healthcare professionals, including bone adhesives, 3D printed surgical implants and shape memory bone scaffold. Designed with bone-liked properties and produced under stringent quality control, our solutions are safe and effective in the treatment of bone injuries.


Novus began its journey by joining HKSTP's Incu-Bio Programme, and graduated in 2018. During our incubation period, we could gain access to HKSTP's one-stop lab facilities and all quality technical support a biotech company may require.