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Nanothink Limited

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The mission of Nanothink is to facilitate scientific development through connecting students, universities, researchers and companies with our online platform. We encourage knowledge and skills sharing where appropriate acknowledge is to be guaranteed.

We hope to create an online community to link up all the technology developers from different aspects so that users will be able to access to the latest research trend everywhere. With the platform, technological guy developers can save time and money on doing research as references can be made more easily.

Nanothink is an online platform ( that connects students, universities and companies to facilitate scientific development. We connect passionate users who want to do scientific research or to obtain funding for research and product development to those interested investors and thus contributes to the technological development.

Students can upload their ideas as start-up project and look for funding from investing companies. Scientific researchers can upload what kind of experimental help they can provide to other researchers so as to obtain acknowledgement or publication. Scientific companies can order experiment from universities by accessing the world’s best universities at the lowest price.