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MICology Limited

+852 96660083
Mr. Ingo Lau

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MICology is a Vertical Service Provider (VSP) in Digital Process Automation (DPA) and Data Visualization & Simulation (DVS)

MICology provides automated data acquisition & integration solutions to simplify manual processes.
We extract and unify data from several disparate sources, from physical-based documents to digital-based format such as GIS, BIM, CAD, PDF. Thus, creating an automated data pipeline to reduce error and increase productivity for different industries.

MICology also provides predictive analysis & visualization solutions to forecast real world events and outcomes.
We visualize and simulate data in interactive 3D environments for different industries, ranging from construction BIM application, geographic data simulation, robotic motion planning, automotive pathfinding and even providing synthetic data for A.I. to simplify development and management processes, reduce excessive time for trial and error.
MICology has been serving customers across industries and public enterprises.
We are dedicated to explore and consult with our clients, understand their true needs and provide the best custom-made solution.

sDream consolidates creative assets from different industries to create new value for IPs/brands through games/mocap/XR/AR/VR.