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Medusa Therapeutics Limited

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MTx is a HK-based start-up biotech company that develops first-in-class, first-in-industry drug discovery technology and small molecule drugs. MTx pioneers in the field of liquid-liquid phase separated biomolecular condensate-targeted drugs (condensate drugs). MTx’ founders have recently published their findings describing the first small molecule capable of inhibiting a functional condensate resulting in a therapeutic effect in an animal model of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (Risso-Ballester, Nature, 2021). The company’s vision is to generate patent-protected pre-clinical and clinical stage assets for out-licensing and partnering with pharma. Medusa Tx aims to become the first company to develop a condensate drug to the clinical proof of concept stage and ultimately to market in order to provide critically needed treatment options for life-threatening infectious diseases and cancer.

Acute respiratory infections caused by viruses such as RSV, Influenza, Measles or Coronaviruses have evolved to transmit and replicate very efficiently. When patients present to their physicians, there is typically only one or two days during which an antiviral treatment influences the development of the disease. Medusa’s condensate-targeted drugs will provide physicians with a new treatment option with superior speed of action compared to existing antivirals, resulting in an expanded treatment window for patients. This will allow more patients, in particular those who present to the physicians late, with therapeutic benefits.