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LifeSparrow Solutions Limited

Unit 1007, 10/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 97331177
Mr. Wing Hei Josua Chan

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Founded in 2022, LifeSparrow Solutions Limited is a startup company focusing on the utilisation of software and machine learning to optimise processes and find solutions for outdoor incidents. Shortly after incorporation, the company has already worked closely with the Hong Kong Fire Services Department on two projects on search and rescue operations and is working to release accessible technological products to the general public.

SparAI (Sparrow AI)
A web-based software designed for processing DJI drone images, SparAI offers multiple features, including user-chosen attribute detection, the ability to stitch multiple images together and overlay the result onto a map using GNSS metadata, and using a batch of images to generate a rough 3D visualisation of the terrain underneath. Evolved from our search-and-rescue software DIAS, it is far more capable and flexible, with applications for recreational use. Infrastructure monitoring features are under development.

A computer-based software designed for search and rescue operations, DIAS offers a human object detection algorithm to quickly process drone images for any sign of a lost hiker. Besides the detection algorithm, DIAS also offers multiple features designed to assist the user, from a map showing the location at which an image is taken to the ability to flag images for review by other users. It could help reduce the time spent on a search by as much as 70%.

Spaniel is a tool designed to help narrow down the location of a lost hiker, by constantly broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal that will connect with the lost hiker's mobile device once it is detected. When the Wi-Fi is connected, the LED screen lights up, indicating to the user that the lost hiker is nearby.