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Labwork Technology Limited

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Labwork focuses its business on remote sensing and automation with cloud technology. The first revolutionary product it offers, is the remote laboratory spin-off from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).
Labwork has changed the way of science education with robotic technology. On its remote laboratory platform, students can practice science experiments with real equipment outside school anytime anywhere, allowing a personalised way of learning initiated by students. Also, dangerous or complicated experiments which students did not originally have access to, can now be performed through Labwork’s platform. Professionally designed with PolyU, remote experiment performing is made comparable to hands-on experiments. Schools can now save laboratory set-up time and start a new chapter of science education with Labwork.

Labwork is a remote laboratory platform which allows students to remotely control laboratory equipment outside school via Internet. As a web-based platform available 24/7, no installation will be required.

On Labwork, registered users can securely login to the server hosted, which grants access to the interfacing control program in a local console. This local console is responsible for manipulating various components of the experiment setup, data acquisition from sensors and the signal transmission to the user. Real-time video monitoring is also facilitated to visualize the experiment ‘in action’. Background as well as supporting materials will be also provided for students.

Students can then control the laboratory equipment via web interface and view the real time response via web camera streaming. They can have a full control over the experiment in tuning various parameters. By the benefits of full control on experiments, users not only are able to observe the scientific phenomena, but also obtain accurate data and practice some essential laboratory techniques. For example, optical alignment procedure in optics experiments.