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KlickPoints Technology Limited

Unit 1039, 10/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 96688837
Mr. Kai Man Wong

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We believe businesses of all sizes deserve the chance to be seen and present themselves on the digital space. While small businesses make up a considerable part of the market, they are very often limited by knowledge and resources to fully utilise the latest means to reach out to target markets. We are dedicated to developing an open location-based affiliate network for all kinds of businesses and influencers, empowering them to make this possible together.

KlickPoints is the startup providing an opened offline affiliate marketing solutions to brick-and-mortar stores and influencers. While most major market players are running their affiliate marketing campaign to work with influencers through e-commerce, offline businesses with brick-and-mortar stores such as restaurants, cafes and shops cannot adopt the same model because of various difficulties. KlickPoints provides an one-stop offline affiliate marketing solution to influencers and offline businesses for both sides to bridge the exceptional marketing power and huge market size with our services and unique features.

KlickPoints solves the pain points associated with traditional offline affiliate marketing by providing a highly automated and streamlined solution with an integrated system running in the form of web and apps.

The first focus of the system is tracking. The system allows businesses to track revenue contribution by referral from influencers, with reward code in the form of QR code and reservation functions. The use of QR codes allows for easy tracking and verification of referrals, while the reservation function helps to ensure that the referral is linked to an actual purchase or transaction.

The second focus is matching businesses and influencers for results. The system provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for businesses and influencers to connect and collaborate on offline affiliate marketing campaigns. By providing matching algorithm, dashboard, dedicated simple communication tools, and effective analytics, we help businesses and influencers to align risk and reward, grow their networks, reach their target audiences, and drive revenue growth.