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Kin Technology Limited

+852 93493849
Mr. Oswin Yeung

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Kin's mission is to accelerate the safety and convenience in personal healthcare at home. Kin Technology is founded in late 2018 by a group of designer, engineer and pharmacist who wanted to improve drug-safety and management inefficiency - that monitoring, managing and taking medication could be as easy as a click of a button. We offer both B2B2C and B2C solutions in drug management, enabling more exceptional service from healthcare providers while providing a more convenient way for anyone to continue their treatment at home.

Kin Technology offers an all-rounded drug management solution platform comprises of both hardware and software.

We are developing an at-home pill dispenser, Kindo, that can automatically sort and dispense up to 12 different types of medication with the press of a button. The Kindo also includes built-in light and sound reminder and the capability to sort medications into the Pillbox for takeaway. Our device simplifies the risky manual sorting and remembering into one easy click.

Kindo also allows both users or caregivers to access the medication via the web/ mobile app through IoT technology, anytime, anywhere. Keeping track on adherence, modifying or suspending medications is just as easy a few clicks.

The five rights in drug management: right patient, right medicine, right dosage, right time and right administration is now made possible at home with the Kin platform.