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InterLitho Technology Limited

+852 90974007
Mr. Horace Lau

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InterLitho will develop large-area interference lithography nanopatterning equipment and image-based plasmonic sensors for environmental and biomedical applications.
InterLitho will also provide technical services on large-area patterning of periodic nanostructures for industrial research labs and university research groups, development of industrial production process for nanostructured products, and consultancy on large-area nanopatterning.

Large-area Nanopatterning Equipment will develop fiber-optic multi-beam interference lithography nanopatterning systems that can create periodic one-dimensional gratings and two dimensional pillar or hole arrays with sub-100 nm feature sizes and down to 250 nm periods over wafer-scale area with 4-inch or larger diameter.
Image-based Plasmonic Sensors using gradient plasmonic nanostructures for biomedical applications and gas sensing applications for environmental quality monitoring.