Company Details

Infiniti MINDS Limited

Room 616 of the 6th Floor of Building 17, No. 17 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, New Territories Hong Kong
9868 3370
Mr. Kwok Wai Liu

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The company was founded in 2021, with its headquarter located in Hong Kong.

Our Founders and experts possess unique knowledge and applied experiences in Radiomics and Deep learning, as well as our proprietary and advanced algorithm (Synergistic Markers for Anti-Propensity) in the field of clinical oncology research and commercialization.

Our Goal is to create a data-driven Multi-Modality (including imaging, pathology and molecular profile) Precision Oncology Platforms (MM-POP) to realize personalized medicine. We start the development of Radiomics-based Clinical Decision Support System (R-CDSS) that can identify clinically meaningful biomarkers from standard-of-care medical imaging (such as CT, MRI, PET etc.) and provide patient-centered theranostic reports, which would identify the association between specific markers and disease characteristics, treatment response and prognosis.

Through the system, we would enrich clinicians with insight for better patient treatment management and outcome. Also, it can help pharmaceutical companies to optimize drug discovery with more effective clinical trials through precise patient stratification. This helps to shorten the drug development cycle, expedite regulatory approval and enhance patent protection.