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Gene to Health Limited

Unit 707, 7/F, Building 19W, 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
Dr. Guolan Chen

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Our ethos revolves around the belief that genomics possesses transformative power to revolutionize not only healthcare but also every aspect of life, from agriculture to pet care. Our slogan, "Polygenic Scores Every Bit of Life," embodies this vision. We acknowledge the monumental strides made by academic research in genetic prediction; however, there remains a significant gap in translating these scientific breakthroughs into practical, market-ready solutions. Our objective is to bridge this void. We are dedicated to pioneering the integration of Polygenic Scoring (PGS) technology across three pivotal sectors: agriculture, pet care, and human health. Our products are designed to empower a diverse range of businesses, from genetic testing companies to pet breeders. These entities can harness the unparalleled precision of our newly developed PGS methodologies to attain tangible benefits, such as increased crop yields and more accurate disease risk assessments. We perceive ourselves as catalysts capable of transforming existing genetic data from a dormant asset into a wellspring of productivity and innovation. Despite the challenges that lie ahead—whether they be technical hurdles, regulatory constraints, or market acceptance—we are poised to overcome these obstacles. Our preparedness to confront these challenges head-on reflects our unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between scientific advancements and real-world applications. We envision a future where a comprehensive ecosystem seamlessly integrates DNA information with other relevant health data sources. This interconnected network will enable businesses and households alike to reap the benefits of the latest advancements in precision medicine. We firmly believe that our multidisciplinary approach will drive societal progress, promote sustainable business practices, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for both people and pets. This is more than a business; it is a mission to harness the untapped pot

Founded in March 2022 and officially established in October 2023, our company is a trailblazer in the field of statistical genetics and polygenic scoring. The organization is led by Dr. CHEN Guolan (Founder & CEO), who holds a PhD in Statistical Genetics & Machine Learning from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and a B.S. in Biostatistics from Fudan University. Co-founder and principal technical advisor, Dr. Justin D. Tubbs, is currently a Postdoc at Harvard Medical School with a PhD in Behavioral Genetics & Bioinformatics from HKU. He also served as a Post-Baccalaureate Fellow at NIH and holds B.S. degrees in Biology and Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). We also have other full-time and part-time members from world-leading universities, specializing in different areas.

Our team originates from a world-leading lab in statistical genetics based at HKU's Medical Faculty and is advised by the eminent Prof. Pak Chung Sham. This strong academic foundation has propelled us to the forefront of innovation, as evidenced by our numerous accolades. In 2022, we secured the Second Prize at the 8th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, as well as National Bronze Medals at the 7th and 8th China International College Students' "Internet Plus" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competitions in 2021 and 2022 respectively. Additionally, we were finalists in the Startup Group of the 8th "Challenge Cup" China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition (GBA Branch) in 2021 and received a National Bronze Medal at the 9th "Challenge Cup" China College Students Entrepreneurship Competition in 2022. Our venture also made it to the TOP20 at the Startup Group of the 1st Qianhai Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Entrepreneurship Competition in 2022.

We have been recipients of prestigious grants and incubation programs, including the Cyberport CCMF, which we completed by April 2021, and the HKSTP IDEATION ✖️ HKU iDendron SEED Program, which we completed by May 2023.

Our multidisciplinary expertise, strong academic affiliations, and proven track record in innovation position us as a leading player in utilizing statistical genomics toolkits to address complex challenges in healthcare and beyond.

Gene-to-Health (G2H)
Gene-to-Health (G2H) is our flagship product designed to revolutionize human healthcare through advanced genetic prediction. By utilizing state-of-the-art Polygenic Scoring (PGS) methodologies, G2H provides a comprehensive genetic risk assessment for a wide range of diseases and conditions, with a particular focus on heart disease, Alzheimer's, and Autism. The product incorporates a cloud-based backend, big data analytics, and a user-friendly UI, making it an ideal solution for genetic testing companies, human genetics labs, and insurance providers. Our semi-automated data processing workflow ensures accuracy, while our report-generating system delivers actionable insights. G2H aims to bridge the gap between complex genetic data and practical healthcare solutions, offering a new paradigm in personalized medicine.

Genomics-for-Breeding (G4B)
Genomics-for-Breeding (G4B) is a specialized platform targeting the agricultural sector. It synergizes traditional Genomic Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (GBLUP) models with Polygenic Scoring to enhance the accuracy of trait prediction in crops and livestock. With G4B, agribusinesses can expect improved crop yields and livestock traits, thereby maximizing productivity and sustainability. The platform is particularly advantageous for large-scale farming operations seeking to integrate advanced genomics into their breeding programs. G4B is designed to encounter less legal and ethical resistance, facilitating smoother adoption and implementation.

G2H-Pet extends the benefits of genetic prediction to the realm of pet care. This product focuses on identifying genetic defects and predicting hereditary diseases in household pets, specifically dogs and cats. Through our proprietary PGS algorithms, G2H-Pet provides pet owners and breeders with invaluable information to guide healthcare decisions for their animals. From early detection of genetic disorders to personalized dietary recommendations, G2H-Pet aims to enhance the quality of life for our four-legged friends.

Each of these products is built upon a foundation of rigorous academic research and is designed to meet the specific needs of its target audience. By offering these specialized solutions, we are taking significant steps toward realizing our vision of leveraging genomics to improve various sectors of life.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks (HKSTP) for their invaluable support and mentorship. As a company deeply committed to pioneering the integration of Polygenic Scoring (PGS) technology across multiple sectors, we have found HKSTP's resources and network to be instrumental in our journey. Their IDEATION ✖️ HKU iDendron SEED Program has been a cornerstone in accelerating our R&D and commercial activities. The program has not only provided us with the necessary infrastructure but has also connected us with industry experts and potential partners, enriching our multidisciplinary expertise. HKSTP's dedication to fostering innovation aligns perfectly with our mission to bridge the gap between groundbreaking academic research in genomics and real-world applications. Their support has acted as a catalyst for our efforts to transform existing genetic data into actionable insights, driving societal advancements, and promoting sustainable business practices. We eagerly anticipate continuing this fruitful partnership as we strive to enhance the quality of life for individuals, pets, and our communities.