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DanausGT Biotechnology Limited

Lab Bench 3d-f, Unit 708-716, 7/F, 17W and Cubicle 12 (S81-S83, S85), 6/F, 17W No.17 Science Park West Avenue Hong Kong Science Park,Pak Shek Kok,N.T.
+86 17710929865
Ms. Yi Wu

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DanausGT Biotech is a global company focused on the use of gene editing technology and cell therapy to treat a wide range of diseases. The company has independent intellectual property rights of CRISPR/AAV technology platform, which can achieve precise gene replacement to completely cure patients, editing efficiency of up to 80%, and is constantly improving. At present, several projects are simultaneously in the stages from preclinical to clinical phase I. Among them, pyruvate kinase deficiency pipeline CG001 obtained EMA orphan drug designation in March 2022, and is expected to complete the IND application in Europe and the United States in mid-2023.

The company has international R&D, CMC, translational medicine and market-oriented teams, and the precision gene replacement technology platform has a wide range of application scenarios, including blood diseases, neurorelated diseases, cancer, skin, etc. The company lays out 6 pipelines, covering blood diseases, skin diseases and liver-related diseases. And a number of pipelines have obtained European and American orphan drug certification, which will may involve in huge market.