Company Details

Cura Health Limited

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CuraBox is a personalized healthcare supplement supply company that supplies daily nutrition to our customers. CuraBox partnered with supplements manufacturers all over the world, through our redistribution we can provide healthcare supplements tailored to the need of the consumers. The crux of CuraBox is the intelligence suggestion system which offers suggestions to the end users in finding their needs.

We deliver the vision by making a personalized supplement package, making tailor-made healthcare product more accessible for the general public. By doing this, we are reinventing the supply chain, distribution, and sales links, strengthening the connection between manufacturers and consumers. We de-intermediate and remove unnecessary costs in redefining the original intention of health products. This not only improves people's basic health but also redefine the image of healthcare products.

Our products are sold in a different way than traditional drug stores. Customers are provided with flexible and changeable purchasing modes in the form of “pills/month” to reduce unnecessary waste. Each pack of the supplement will be printed with the consumers' name, some inspirational quotes, daily fortune, celebrity quotes, hope to convey positive information through words, spiritual inspiration, and natural physical and mental health.

The backend algorithm was developed by a team of professional consultants, which will be used for calculating what the consumers need or miss in their diet or daily routine.

After the customers settle on their choice, a 30-days healthcare supplement pack is sent monthly on a subscription base, and consumers can adjust the combination of supplements according to their monthly health needs. In the case of removing agents, distributors, and brand costs, people can buy high-quality supplements at a low price.

CuraBox uses an intelligence system to tailor make a personalized supplement list for different people, based on professional pharmacy and nutrition, to let customers know what they need. Transparency is also the core value of CuraBox. We wish our customer to understand what they are taking in, and what problem does it solve.