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Control Free Limited

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Control Free is not only a Home Automation App that connects all your smart devices. It is a Cloud-based Automation System that works for your whole home and even for more complicated commercial environment. It lets you control everything in one App and setup in no time. Our system is able to integrate with home-use smart devices and also professional commercial machines. For non-smart devices, our tiny wireless Infrared controller is there to bring them alive to the cloud - with just 3 steps. Add more value to devices by interacting with them and between them. No expensive hardware, no complicated installations, no technical programming. From switching on a light, setting up your home cinema theater to office energy saving control and monitoring, it is all your call. Let your home and business work for you, in your way.

Cloud-based Automation Server: the core of the whole system. It centralized the control processor which was found in every automated area. This results in a more powerful brain in the cloud to process your complicated requests, more intelligent interactions, and a more cost effective and energy efficient way to enjoy automation system.
Virtual Server: the gateway connecting your smart devices to the cloud. It does not even exist in the form of hardware. It is just a software that can be installed in any PCs, TV boxes, tablets or even phones. All you need is just an internet connection. And you are already automated.
Client App: the user interface. The App installed in your iOS or Android devices. You can add smart devices, set schedules, create scenes, interact with them etc. Everything happens on a Graphical Interface. No coding, no programming.
IR controller: the in-house developed RF to IR controller. We still have too many IR controlled devices around us. The small footprint, cell battery driven, 18-month life time, wireless Infrared controller makes us cover even the most hard-to-manage IR device. This is the key to solve one of the bottlenecks in automation system nowadays.