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Comfit Healthcare Devices Limited

+852 90138706
Mr. Sunny Lo

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Comfit Healthcare provides a complete platform to support the personal healthcare device applications. Our first developed vital sign monitoring device “ThermoEase” is a smart thermometer designed to address user complaints about smart thermometers in the market today. ThermoEase is as simple to use and as fast as a forehead thermometer, and yet able to attach to clothes to monitor body temperature and send notifications in case user is having fever or high fever. Contactless, no distance limitation wireless connection and single button operation give ThermoEase the highest comfort and flexibility in usage. ThermoEase is designed primary for young children and elderly home usage.
Our next device in development is an innovative “fall detection and warning device” for elderlies. We hope this device will one day help reduce chance of falls of elders in some circumstances which had caused many suffers to the elders and their families.