Company Details

Coelacanths Limited

+852 9885 5727
Mr. Yin Ki Lau

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The founders of Coelacanths (pronounced [see-luh-kanth]) are the developers behind several educational technology (EdTech) solutions that achieved remarkable international success.

The EdTech solutions developed by the founders have for years been deployed by teachers in classrooms worldwide and recommended by teachers and educational specialists for special educational needs (SEN) in, e.g., fine motor skills training & autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The team also has strong R&D background relating to healthcare innovative devices and knowhow with respect to motion induced signal analysis.

Coelacanths Ltd is developing an Action Interpretation Control System (AICS). AICS comprised of a grasp type 2-way wireless action tracking device, an action interpretation algorithm and a flexible-content interactive software application interface. With the flexibility of integration to various application contents, AICS aims at facilitating various sectors including motivating learning participation & improving concentration for students requiring SEN; assisting motor skills training for children, improvement and deterioration prevention of motor skills & providing intuitive control of smart devices for elderly.