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Unit 912 , 9/F, Building 19W, No. 19 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T.
+852 59972037
Ms. Mary Borigas

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We are a technology startup established in Hong Kong in 2020. We provide innovative and environmental products and services to help solve environmental problems.

With the support and network of HKSTP through its Incubation Programme, we believe that our Buogralon WEC’s product development can achieve commercialisation to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change.

With our first invention, the BUOGRALON wave energy converter (WEC), we aim to capture the ocean’s abundant wave energy to generate carbon-free power for a sustainable future.

Buogralon WEC harnesses the up-and-down motions of the ocean wave to (1) generate electricity, (2) capture carbon, and (3) desalinate seawater into drinking water.