Company Details

Blue Sea IT Limited

+852 91732131
Mr. Mazon Tsang

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Blue Sea IT Limited is a housing management IT solutions provider. We provide IT consultation, solution service and develop system to our customers.

We have over ten years working experience on housing management system. And provide an IT service for different type of properties. We believe we can provide a more suitable and more efficient hosing management system to every housing management company.

Voting System For incorporated owners.
We will provide 3 different voting services to incorporated owners in general meeting of IO.
1, Hard copy voting
IO thru dedicate voting paper to vote. We will use dedicated screener to screen this paper and get voting result. IO can keep hardcopy.
2, Sami-Soft copy voting
IO thru any paper with special format hard copy to vote. We will use mobile devices to screen the voting paper and keep it to softcopy.
3, Data Voting
IO use mobile devices to vote directly. In this version, we have no paper anymore. All data will keep in database.