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BioArchitec Group Limited

+852 62328623
Mr. Chow Chun To Sam

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BioArchitec Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based research-driven biotechnology company devoted to delivering the most innovative and revolutionary technology solutions that drive both academic and industrial biomedical research to the next level. We aim to create pioneering new products and services using 3D bioprinting technology. Meanwhile, BioArchitec strives to develop a 3D bioprinting platform technology specifically for biologists or non-engineers to satisfy their research needs. This concept will help to turn the currently limited 3D bioprinting technology into fully accessible tools for all laboratories worldwide.

Our 3D bioprinting platform is a revolutionary suite of technologies that come together and bring real impact to the world. It is able to deposit biomaterials into a particular scaffold, enabling users to create biostructures and microenvironments of tissues or organs. Together with the incredibly simple and highly customizable operation system which is particularly pinpointing to the needs of non-engineering researchers, our new technology platform will give rise to rapid, precise, automatic and reliable testing, promote tissue regeneration and engineering research.