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BinoViz Limited

+852 66163064
Miss. Rose Hou

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Recognized for its striking R&D power in computer vision, BinoViz Limited is pioneering in adopting its cutting-edge software solutions to enhance visual experiences and optical capabilities for the TV, medical and national defense industries. BinoViz Limited has attracted many leading media studios in Hong Kong and Mainland China with its CUHK-patented technology in a discussion for potential business cooperation.

Binocular Video Tone Mapping (BVTM), the core algorithm of BinoViz Limited, uses software as a carrier to assign different sections of dynamic range to the left and right eyes. Through separating the ways in which images are projected, it widens the dynamic range received by human eyes, hence creating an enhanced image display. Its algorithm has great application potential and development space in terms of visual optimization for movie 3D special effects, color rectification for color blind population, and night vision detection for defense and security purpose.