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Beyond EdTech Limited

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Beyond EdTech Limited (trade name known as Protostar Education) aims at providing sustainable and high-quality education to our next generation. With the help of online live-streaming technology, a gamification approach and Artificial Intelligence, we connect our best teachers in USA and children all around the world with a solid and joyful learning experience.

Beyond EdTech Limited (trade name known as Protostar Education) will develop a game-based English learning platform enabled by technology of artificial intelligence, live-streaming virtual classroom, learning management system, leveled curriculum and RPG game design for kids to enjoy English learning in the online environment.

The research and development of the customized AI system includes image/visual recognition, speech-to-text recognition and in-class performance monitoring system evaluating the teaching quality and the learning effectiveness in terms of verbal expression and involvement in class. With the data collected from these systems and the deep learning algorithm under development, progressive assessment report and learning solution recommendation will be generated to individual students for better learning effectiveness.

Gamified approach will be adopted in order to motivate their internal interest in English learning. The research and development gamified after-class exercise, RPG scenario design, reward system and game-based Learning Management System will change the attitude towards English and learn joyfully.

A comprehensive curriculum is the element for excellent teaching and learning quality. With reference to the curriculum adopted in the primary schools of United States, we localized and develop it into a three-phased curriculum with phonics, guided reading and writing which will apply intellectual property upon protection.