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bconduit Limited

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The business world is forever changing. It always want a solution yesterday. Whereas IT world works in 3-5 years plan. It is common that these two-world timelines don’t synchronize. BCONDUIT Ltd is formed by experienced professionals (marketing, IT, operations, academic professor) who have been striving to bridge the gap between these two worlds. We use the latest Big Data technology to implement agile solutions in weeks, not months nor years. Our solutions can help you to:

>maximize your company’s profit margin
>identify risk and opportunity for your business
>retain your customers and
>run your *real time reporting operations.

The future commercial world will be dominated by companies who invest in AI and IOT today. BCONDUIT Limited is offering our expertise in AI, IOT+ BI to deploy industry-specific Projects/Products with you. We by partner with your business to embark on the AI/IOT journey together, so you can outpace your industry rivals.