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BACHcode Co. Limited

+852 9259 0979
Ms. Amice WONG

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BACHcode pioneers in artificial intelligence system development for human health improvement. We aim to facilitate people to develop physically and mentally healthy lives. Bachcode makes the best use of user-generated data and health behavioral science to produce the important insights for health strategies. This improves the wellness program outcomes and streamlines the operation of medical service providers. Companies in the health and food industries would use this valuable information to shape their products and marketing strategies. Insurance companies can drive their healthy diet promotion programs more effectively in order to reduce medical claims by using ReHealthier collated analysis.

BACHcode’s key project “ReHealthier” is an artificial intelligence health coach who designs and implements highly personalized health strategies for each member who has been diagnosed with pre-chronic conditions (e.g., pre-hypertension, overweight, high blood glucose, etc.).

ReHealthier achieves this not only by the forecasted pathway of members’ health conditions but also by learning through interaction with each of them, their sharing in peer groups, footprints in social media, etc. The day-by-day information would be collected by ReHealthier for analyzing the bio-psycho-social dimension of the member and adjusting the health improvement strategies, in order to help members recover from pre-chronic conditions.