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ASA Innovation & Technology Limited

+852 9046 2228
Mr. Anthony Huen Chun Kit

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With the vision to provide the cleanest air in a bespoke way, ASA’s proprietary technology Plasma Assisted Catalytic Oxidation (PACO), which is co-developed with the City University of Hong Kong, works at the molecular level to destroy pollutants. PACO is an innovative technology that decomposes pollutants into harmless substances in the air. Founded in 2016, ASA has won multiple awards, including the Alibaba Grand Award, Peninsula Kaleidoscope Award, HSBC Innovation Award, Smart Design Award etc.

ASA's PACO filter is an innovative retrofit solution which can effectively eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), viruses, bacteria, moulds and odour. It can also be easily installed indoors without any additional cost in building construction. With its high performance that lasts 300% longer and more efficient than traditional filters, the PACO solution has been widely applied in different commercial settings including offices, hotels and shopping malls.