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Andesfit System Limited

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Under the global population aging trend, we established Andesfit's to make use of Health Big Data and Internet+ to provide vital sign measurement, smart health cloud management and health data analysis for aging health management, thereby relieving social and medical burdens help the government plan long-term pension policies and realize social and medical preparations such as disease prevention and healthcare promotion.

Smart Home e-Health Monitoring and Management System

Andesfit Health integrates the resources of regional medical centers and community healthcare facilities through the combination of health Internet of things (IOT), health cloud platforms and outstanding medical resources. Andesfit is committed to providing families and individuals with full-lifecycle healthcare services that even incorporate chronic disease prevention.

Andesfit Health is an innovative healthcare management platform building upon Internet-based integrative healthcare monitoring equipment, designed to provide professional, high-quality healthcare management & services for individuals, families and communities. This is done by seamlessly connecting healthcare services provided by regional medical centers/community health service institutions and individual/family dynamic healthcare management with the data archiving systems of health monitoring and management institutions. Andesfit Health makes premium medical resources available by offering real-time, convenient services to communities, families and individuals who pursue high-quality life, and also helps establish a scientific and systemic networking management platform for hospitals and health administrative departments, thus creating an easy path for healthcare development and making optimum use of the investments in healthcare.

- Promote the upgrade of medical services from clinical management to healthcare management;

- Establish individual electronic healthcare records with real-time updates;

- Create cross-border digital hospitals and networking healthcare communities;

- Realize smart home health monitoring in smart city construction

Functionalities of the Andesfit Health Platform:

Tele-medical monitoring services connecting families, local communities and clinics

Comprehensive collection of personal healthcare data

Customized healthcare consulting services

High quality medical services