Company Details

AICity Technology Holding Limited

+852 90933794
Professor Anthony G.O. Yeh

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AICity Tech Ltd. main business is navigation and LBS(Location Based Service) . It uses an innovative approach of Location Confirmation System rather than the conventional Location Positioning System to assist user in finding their destination from the outdoor to indoor environment. The system uses a Smart Address Plate (SAP) system that is managed by a gateway system for navigation by users and property management by property companies. In addition to navigation and property management, we also provide precision advertising and other consultancy services.

We have combined BLE beacon and other sensors and formed a product called “smart address plate (SAP)”. SAP is capable of providing positioning services and presenting users with real-time updated information at the same time.
We have tested and formed a set of solution using our SAP technology combined with multiple sensors available on mobile phones. And we have implemented it within HKU campus as part of the smart campus infrastructure.
We are also trying to promote this solution to different potential application domains.