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AI Guided Limited

+852 5570 5763
Ms. Florence Chan

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Our company is a start-up focusing on commercialization of the integration of 3D LIDAR vision, audio fingerprinting and flexible micro/nano actuator to develop a device called AI guide dog in order to fulfill the need of guide dogs and white canes for the visually impaired. The device can be a wearable complement for the user to navigate around the surrounding more accurately and efficiently.

visually impaired and allow them to be as mobile as a normal person without the need of white canes or guide dogs. The users can wear our invention equipped with LIDAR vision system to surveillance the surrounding more effectively and accurately; actuator to indicate the right direction in their walking path by giving the timely feedbacks through vibration; and artificial intelligence to analyze the data scanned by LIDAR system. The invention does not need to occupy at least one hand leading to inconvenience if there is a need to use both hands during navigation.