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Aerosim (HK) Limited

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Aerosim (HK) LTD, is a Synthetic Flight Training Device (FTD) Company. With the assistance from modern technology and increasing research, its mission is to bring aviation reachable to general public, enhance pilot competences and improving safety, especially to the Hong Kong market where general airspace is lack of. We are capable of researching, designing, constructing, calibrating, maintaining, developing and training with our FTD, providing a comprehensive product and services to users.

By using officially licensed product, Aerosim has been able to develop a Flight Training Device (FTD) for users to experience the experience of a flight, using close-to-reality checklist and standard procedures.

This is not only being fun to individual, but also cultivates one’s aviation passion or long-wished dream. Aerosim has been proven its ability to perform from STEAM education to technical training by using its FTD.

We strive to continuously improve our FTD. In the coming future, we are targeting to acquire accreditation from different internationally recognized aviation organizations and promoting our FTD to enhance safety and efficiency, bringing aviation education closer to everyone. We envision Aerosim’s FTD from contributing to the local Hong Kong students and pilot, to extend the business to the global market.

Synthetic Flight Training Device

Our Flight Training Device (FTD) is built on 1:1 ratio of the real aircraft cockpit, tape-measuring from the actual type of aircraft. Aerosim’s technicians and engineers tape-measured the real Single Engine Aircraft from sketch and build the FTD to replicate a real cockpit environment. Product features includes:

1. Reliability
The software used has been designed to meet CASA(Australia) FSD requirements for a Cat. B trainer and EASA(European) FSTD standard. The FTD has been tested by category rated pilot and operator with modification and adjustment been constantly reviewed to increase flight fidelity.

2. Flexibility
Our product designer and engineer have tailor-made a durable and easy to assemble platform for the FTD, allowing it to move around different places efficiently. Regular room with regular size of door is definitely not a logistic issue for our FTD, providing user with a flexible option to conduct training in a classroom or even next to the actual aircraft.

3. Realistic Experience
Using the latest technology and most up-to-date AIRAC, it gives trainee a realistic training experience and the instructor an additional training platform to enhance trainee’s proficiency. More importantly, higher level of simulation enhances the applicability of learning experience in FTD to the real aircraft.