Company Details

Accue Co. , Limited

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We like being accurate in measurement.  So we named our company “ACCUE”, wishing to provide accurate time keeping devices to you!

When we look around, one does not know which clock can be trusted.  They are showing different times.  So we make a clock you can trust – RDS clock.  All are accurate to second, and thus look the same!

Although China has set up a RCC transmitter in Henan Province, we cannot benefit from it as it is 1,200 km away!  The Japanese RCC tower is even more far away!

Seeing this, we decided to make use of the reliable time data in the FM RDS broadcasting to synchronize the clock with the atomic clock at Hong Kong Observatory.  

It works, and is welcome by hospitals and schools so far after we launched shortly.

To go on serving the users with accurate time keeping devices, we will develop large wall clock and small watches as well.  All these will be the same – accurate, which is something you can trust!

ACCUE RDS Clock, with patented technology, selects and locks on local radio channels that transmit correct time signal. It shows exactly accurate time for Hong Kong.

As long as ACCUE RDS Clock is placed within the covered area of the FM stations, which is almost everywhere in HK, it can accordingly display the exactly accurate time easily.

Compared with RCC clocks, which signal comes from either Henan Province or Japan, is too weak to receive in Hong Kong.