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3DP Technology Limited


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3DP Technology Ltd is a Hong Kong company focusing in 3D printer developement and production. Our aim is to promote 3D printing technology by producing good quality printers with a reasonable price. We have a collection of 3D printers in differenet size and spec, from kit form to fully assembled unit for users varies from students to SMEs. In order to bring our printer to users around the world, we are willing to establish business cooperation with firms that wants to enter the field of 3D printing.

How do Delta Printer Robots work:
All three axis will be moving at the same time to maintain the orientation of the print head. The theory behind its movement is similar to skewing parallelograms, vertical distance between the joint and the print head is inversely proportional to its horizontal distance. After careful calculation, Delta Printer Robots can 3D print faster and smoother compare with some ordinary XYZ motion 3D printers.