Sensor Packaging and Integration Lab


The Sensor Packaging and Integration Laboratory (Sensor Lab) is a dedicated hardware hub supporting full research and development processes of micro/nano sensors and associated devices, including sensor chip/devices fabrication and pilot runs, packaging, and testing.

Two locations equipped with Class 100/1000/10000 cleanroom space are offered to users for conducting research and product development. Apart from fully furnished cleanroom facilities, HKSTP and our partners also provide common wafer processing tools (including deposition, patterning, etching, packaging and characterisation), technical support and consultation services.

We also welcome R&D partners to formulate government-funded technology projects that would utilize the laboratory service as part of the pilot production.

Paper for Micro/ Nano sensors for healthcare and smart city

This paper provides a quick overview of sensor development at Science Park, followed by snapshots of the observations and insights of the speakers in 1st International Symposium on Micro/Nano Sensors for Healthcare and Smart City at December 10, 2018.  


Evaporation system to deposit metallic thin film layers with high quality surface finishing
Spray coater for photoresist deposition on high and low topography surfaces. Photolithographic system, development tools, hot plates for hard and soft bake and dehumidification ovens
Wet Processes
Wet bench capable of structuring metal, silicon, silicon dioxide and various range of wet processes
Wafer bonder for 6" wafer to wafer thermocompression, eutectic and anodic bonding
Surface profiler, Scanning electron microscope and optical microscope for structural analysis, measurement of roughness and step height


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