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The Chemical Co-Working Centre (CCC) provides individual lab units and co-working open lab benches for local and overseas companies to accelerate growth. Take advantage of facilities catering to different technology areas to make research and development easier for your products, services and processes.

CCC consists of 4 phases, providing more than 20,000 sq ft. lab space to support your R&D. There are 47 individual lab rooms, ranging from 200 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. and 14 open lab benches for those who prefer a co-working environment. 26 of the lab rooms are equipped with fume cupboards to support chemical-related research.



Lab Bench: HK$5,400/seat/month
Without Fumehood Room : HK$13,800 - HK$40,200/month 
With Fumehood Room : HK$21,700 - HK$58,100/month 

*All rental fees are subject to change. HKSTP has the final discretion on the interpretation of any matter arising from or in connection with the fees.

What does CCC offer?

  • Inside the lab rooms / co-working open bench area:
    • Lab benches
    • Movable cabinets
    • Technical gas nozzles (CO2, N2, compressed air at 4/7 bar and vacuum)
    • Round-the-clock electricity, air-conditioning and WiFi Service
    • Dangerous Goods Licence coverage for designated chemicals
  • Privileged support from Biomedical Technology Support Centre (BSC)
    • More than 240 equipment items for shared use
    • Eligibility to use basic equipment (BSL) free of charge
    • 50% off discount for advanced equipment (LAP)
    • Explore more about BSC